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The Sustainable Sailing Manifesto

The only way to win

The RS 21

and materials

RS Sailing is committed to building the sustainability of their boats and operations

Following the testing of
sustainable materials for use in composite hulls, the RS21 is designed to incorporate eco-friendly materials into the construction, leading the way in one-design keelboat production.

The deck shape was designed to facilitate stacking boats one on top of another which, when combined with the removable keel, maximizes transport and winter storage efficiency.

The RS 21

Electric motor 
integrated pack

An optional electric motor pack with innovative retracting propeller system is integrally designed into the boat. It is clean, convenient, creates no drag during sailing and offers an environmentally friendly solution to get you home when the wind drops. 

RS21 Italian Class

Partner for


As RS21 Italian Class we care about the future of the planet and its oceans for the next generations of sailors. For this reason with our Partner for Sustainability, One Ocean Foundation, we have planned educational initiatives involving Clubs that will host our regattas in order to create awareness about environmental issues. 

Starting from the 2021 European Championship in Malcesine, the commitment of One Ocean Foundation went beyond the dissemination of “best practices” for those who sail: in fact, thanks to the Class partner Guglielmi Rubinetterie, microfiltered water dispensers were installed at the disposal of competitors to use in specially provided water bottles, to stimulate the abandonment of plastic bottles.

Sustainability Corner in Malcesine, October 2021

Eliminate CO2 impact

Zero Net Emissions events


Up2You allows to eliminate the impact on the planet through green missions and planting trees. Furthermore, it is among the only three companies in Italy authorized to manage VCS, guaranteeing certified neutralization of emissions and following international standards. In 2021, the RS21 Italian Class asked Up2You to calculate the CO₂ emissions for both of its main events (Italian Championship and European Championship): from the transport of boats to the activities of the crews. These emissions has been eliminated through the support of specific environmental protection projects.

“The Italian class strongly wanted to continue on this sustainable line, compensating the residual CO2 emissions in regattas”

Davide Casetti, RS21 Italian Class President

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